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Stories from patients detailing how their scars have affected their lives and how they have overcome them.

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Live Scar Free Foundation (LSFF)

The Live Scar Free Foundation (LSFF) is a recently formed Non-Profit Organization, championed by scar patients committed to the uplifting of the quality of people’s lives who have been left vulnerable through physical and psychological scarring, most often under the most tragic of circumstances.

The founding members of the LSFF spearhead this foundation on the basis of their own life experience and commitment to the greater cause of helping those who cannot help themselves.

It is for this reason that we, the founding members of The Live Scar Free foundation have decided to support the formation of the Live Scar Free Foundation and to further the advancement of the Foundation to reach as many of the people in need of benefit from a foundation such as the LSFF. The work of the foundation will be to educate other patients on the treatment options available to them, to treat these patients at no cost to the patient through the work of world renowned dermatologists and plastic surgeons and to help heal their emotional scars as well, through the work of a life coach.

Our Mission


To achieve scar free healing within a generation.


Giving hope to the hopeless and faith to those fighting against all the odds.


Giving hope and life beyond the mirror

Patient Stories

Stories from patients detailing how their scars have affected their lives and how they have overcome them.

Burn Scars

Patient O4

Iatrogenic Keloid

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Acne Scars

Patient O2

Acne Keloidalis Nuchae (AKN)

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