Patient Stories

Lebo Motloung

I am Lebo Motloung a 29 year old financial administrator at Sandvik Mining in Boksburg.

11 December 2013 was a day that changed my life forever. En route to my house after work, the taxi that I was traveling in was attacked by a rival taxi operator. We were shot at whilst in the vehicle. The driver was shot dead and the engine exploded which caused a major fire. I was located behind the driver and my clothes instantly caught alight and moulded to my skin.

I had nobody who could assist me as the other passengers were terrified to lose their lives and did not want to get involved.  Eventually my “fight” response took over and I rolled on the ground to put out the flames. When I eventually went to hospital, I had sustained third degree burns to approximately 60% of my face and body.

"I never thought I would be able to face the world as my self-confidence was shattered. "

I never thought I would be able to face the world as my self-confidence was shattered. I went from being an attractive, vivacious woman to bursting into tears every time I looked into the mirror and saw the damage that had been done. All the skin on my face, throat, hands, and legs were so badly burnt that it had to be scraped off.

After 8 months of skin grafts and physiotherapy, I was eventually discharged from hospital. A family relative advised me to try using make-up to cover up some of the scars. She contacted the Coverderm team who came to see me during my last week in hospital and assisted me with applying make-up and how to use the pigmentation treatment.

I use the Maxydrat Visage Day Cream which hydrates & makes my skin look healthy. My skin needs all day coverage and treatment and for that I use the Luminous Make-up. I also had to protect my now sensitive skin from the harmful sun rays by using Filteray Face SPF80. To complete my look I use the Translucent Powder which adds an all-day glow to my skin. The compliments I receive from people really make me feel good because this treatment has done wonders for my skin. It gives me the confidence to face the world again.

I would encourage all burn victims to consider using Coverderm to rebuild their confidence and face the world again. It certainly made a difference to me and it can do the same for you!

I have been featured in the April 2015 edition of Your Family as well as my internal company magazine (April 2015 edition) to highlight my story. I could not have faced the public or the photographs without having such excellent coverage of my scars. Thank you Coverderm for a wonderful product.